How to Choose a Great Parcel Delivery Company

Do you need to send a business post or parcel but are hesitant on the reliability of certain delivery companies? If you have experienced bad things before with a certain courier, you should have learned your lessons when it comes to choosing. If not or if this is your first time to make a valuable parcel delivery, here are the best tips on how to choose a great company or service provider:

-          Choose a company with wide or global reach. Consider a courier which has a wide delivery reach. It can either be across the country or even globally. Ensuring this means lesser risks for your parcel to get lost in route. Usually, the largest delivery companies have a wider and global reach.

-          Choose a company that delivers fast. Of course, you want your personal or business post to arrive as quickly as possible. There are now couriers promising to deliver within 24 hours within the country or a few days instead of weeks globally, so you might want to check those services.


-          Check the delivery prices. Most often, quick and quality delivery translates to higher prices. There are also times when you simply need to pay extra for the brand or name. If a popular name and a less known brand offer similar parcel delivery services but at different prices. You can go for the less known company if it’s cheaper.

-          High number of branches or servicing centers. You should also choose a company with a high number of branches or servicing centers in and out of the country. More branches mean accessibility, faster sending, and the presence of an outlet for you to perform parcel or mail tracking. Companies such as Whistl provide this sort of high quality, high branch service.

-          Stay away from agent couriers. Did you know that some delivery companies are merely acting as agents or forwarders of the real postal or delivery companies? If you don’t want any future troubles with your business post or parcel, check the company’s background and stay away from agents.

-          Stay away from companies having too many customer complaints. Part of ensuring due diligence when it comes to the reliability of delivery companies is to check as to what customers are saying about their services. This should be an easy one because there are plenty of reviews available online.

-          Check the company’s safety in delivering. Are you sending an item which is fragile, prone to damage, or spoilage? Check whether the company has safety protocols in handling parcel delivery. You can already have a hint by observing how they handle your item at the receiving office/branch itself.


-          Choose a company which can very well manage customs concerns. Customs in countries differ. If you are about to send or receive an item which may become a subject of customs inquiry or inspection, refer this to the courier and assess how knowledgeable they are on the subject matter or legal aspects.


-          Choose a company with good customer support. When you need to perform parcel or mail tracking, there should be a support staff always ready to answer.


-          A company that operates during weekends and holidays is ideal. Another important aspect to consider is the company’s working schedule. A courier that delivers during weekends and holidays is ideal especially if you have sensitive or quick business requirements.

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