Planning a Corporate Event as a Small Business

A corporate event can be a very significant moment for a small business. Planning these events as a small business owner is not always simple or easy. There are many minute details to consider during the planning stage. You should know a few things about planning a corporate event as a small business. Tips courtesy of Noosh Catering in Brisbane,

Choose an Accessible and Appropriate Venue

The first step is to choose an accessible and appropriate venue. Your offices or storefront might not be the best choice for a corporate event. Find a location that everyone can reach easily. Be certain that the venue has sufficient parking and is accessible by public transportation. Choose a venue that matches the intended tone of the event. If you want a celebratory party atmosphere, then find a fun venue. The venue you choose will affect the success of the event

Develop a Solid Schedule

You want to have a solid schedule for every moment of the event. The schedule should list what is happening at each point from the start to the finish. Be realistic with the times allotted for speakers or meal breaks. Give the schedule to attendees to ensure everyone knows what will be happening. Stick to the schedule once the event starts.

Arrange For Catering

You want to have some food available for guests to keep them focused and energized. Arrange for professional corporate catering. Do not rely on a potluck or a few employees for food. Find out whether any guests have special dietary needs or food allergies. You could request buffet-style catering. You could also schedule a full meal service some time in the middle of the event for a more formal feeling.

Budget for the Unexpected

Do not create a budget that just covers your known expenses. Include a small amount in your budget for the unexpected or for emergencies. Some small business owners will add as much as 10 to 15 percent to the budget to cover unexpected costs like having to replace a piece of broken equipment at the last second. This will prevent you from going over budget when running the event.

Start Planning As Early As Possible

Start planning your corporate event as early as possible. Never wait until the days before the event. You generally want to start planning and making reservations one to two months in advance. This gives you enough time to view venues, talk to corporate catering services and work out any problems. You also tend to save money and have fewer headaches when you schedule the event far in advance.

Consider Hiring Professional Event Planners

A final thing to consider is hiring professional event planners. These planners will take care of everything so that you can focus on running your small business. The planners often have special relationships with services and venues in the area. Professional event planners might even have access to locations that average business owners do not. Professional planners can create a memorable corporate event for your guests.

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