Selling Yourself On The Right Person To Sell Your House

With all the signs you see on lawns saying "House For Sale By Owner", and DIY cable shows claiming it's easy to sell your own home, well, why aren't you trying it yourself? One of the goals of home selling is trying to make a profit, after all. And there are so many expenses and costs associated with getting a home ready and putting it on the market. Is having a real estate license really necessary to do this?

The short answer is no. However, consider this. In selling one's own home, one is taking on the responsibility of setting up open houses, booking showings, separating "the wheat from the chaff" when it comes to determining the difference between truly interested lookers and mere gawkers, and dealing with the very emotional aspects of parting with your home. Real estate transactions results in tremendous amounts of paperwork for both buyers and sellers. Regulations frequently change. A professional agent continually takes real estate courses to make sure that he or she not only can give you the most correct and up to date information, but that all paperwork submitted by both parties is filled out completely and correctly. These real estate courses often offer training in specific real estate markets and negotiating skills, talents that can help agents obtain optimum prices for their clients.

So now that you've decided to let a professional real estate agent sell your home, how do you decide whom to select?

Do They Have Other Clients?

And are they willing to let them to talk to you about their experiences, both good and bad?

Does The Agent Have A Real Estate License?

Not only does the license show a commitment to ongoing training and competency within the field, it's a tool that sellers can use to determine past problems and disciplinary issues. For those in Queensland looking for a reliable educator, we’ve heard good things about REAA’s courses.

Does The Agent Know Your Neighborhood?

And by "know" we're not just talking about how to find it on Google or GPS. Does the agent know your neighborhood well enough to talk to buyers knowledgeably and enthusiastically about shopping, schools, etc.?

Is The Agent A Specialist?

If you're trying to sell a condo, then you want an agent who will save everyone time by only bringing by interested condo buyers.

What Do The Agent's Peers Think Of Him/Her?

Does your potential agent's firm appear on databases or lists? Has he/she won "Realtor of The Year" or similar awards? Public respect from colleagues in this competitive field says much about an agent's qualifications.

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