What Exporters Need in an Accountant

Exporters and importers need to be especially aware and on the ball as regards accounting and financial issues. The realities of bringing goods in and out of a country mean that businesses have to be especially on top of their accounting and this means choosing a firm or someone who is well established and experienced in this area. So, how do you do so and what do you need to look out for when choosing accountants in this area?


Qualifications matter for accountants and if you’re looking for an individual this is especially the case. Look for accountants that are accredited by one of the large professional agencies or institutions.


In a lot of cases you pay for what you get with accountants and finding an established firm that has worked with exporters and importers in the past can help greatly. Established companies know exactly what to look out for and what to avoid. Different tax systems, VAT and import duties can make the whole process seem a lot more complex than importing and exporting within a free trade area would be and so specialists are the best option.


Look at the other clients they have – are they in an industry similar to yours or do they work in a completely different field. There are dozens of different sorts of accountant and in a lot of ways the term is a catch all or umbrella term for people who do a whole raft of different jobs. When looking for someone try and ensure that they have some history working with people or businesses like yours – at least then you know their experienced.


Some accountants and accountant firms are better than others and a recommendation goes a long way in a line of work like this. Ask around your circles, do some online research and look for a firm that you believe you can trust because of what you’ve heard about them.

Organisation and Time Management

These two skills are probably more important to accountants than to the large number of professions. Look for an accountant who has got the time management and organisation skills to be organised to give you all the time you need, when you need it. Importing and exporting goods can require plenty of help in the financial sense and you want your accountant there when you need them to help.

Best Advice not Easiest

There is a difference between offering the best advice and the very easiest advice and the two are not always compatible. According to stringermallard.com clients often need to be told by an accountant what to do and what’s best in the long term, even if it doesn’t suit them in the short term. A good accountant will take this approach.


Finally, you don’t want to have to pay exorbitant amounts for an accountant. All accountants should provide a clear explanation of their fees and upfront costs. People need to know and understand exactly what they’re paying for.  

These tips should help you and your business make a smoother and smarter transition in your line of work and ensure you get the most from your accountant. 

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