Frequently asked questions
Does Nominal fit businesses in my industry?

Nominal is a double entry acocunting software which utilises standard accounting practices.

It is aimed to assist Australian micro businesses and will work for most micro businesses.

Most of our existing customers are computer retailers, architects, small retailers, cleaners,online shops, service businesses and more.

Will I get ripped off?

No you won't! if there is anything at all that you feel is unfair about your experience with Nominal let us know and we will fix it.

Our prices are reasonable, some even say that they're too low.

Our support and upgrades yearly costs are the bare minimum that will allow us to provide great value.

We allow you to pay for what you need and what you use and not pay for what you do not require.

What are the costs of updates?

Our updates and support are combined into a single fee, which is listed here:

This includes both online/email support and the ability to upgrade to the latest version

You DON'T have to keep updated every year, in fact updates and support are optional

You CAN skip a year or as many as you want, in fact you can pay for a SINGLE month and still get to the latest version if you prefer

Do we need to keep updated every year?

What if we skip a year or three, what is the update cost?

Our updates and support are combined into a single fee, which is listed here:

This includes both online/email support and the ability to upgrade to the latest version

You DON'T have to keep updated every year, in fact updates and support are optional

You CAN skip a year or as many as you want, in fact you can pay for a SINGLE month and still get to the latest version if you prefer

What proof do you have that it works?

Over the past couple of years we have had around 5000 software downloads and our customer base is growing quickly.

We are certified with the SBR to submit PAYG summary, BAS and TFN declaration forms.

You can view our customer testimonials here: /testimonials

What happens if I dont have the time to trial Nominal?

That's ok, give us a shoout at or through our support portal here and we will be happy to provide extended trial version for you to progress with your trial.

Please remember that we are here to answer any questions or provide assitance throughout your trial period.

How long do I have for the trial? and to change my mind?

The trial version is fully functional for 45 days, we will be happy to extend it if you require extra time to evaluate Nominal

The refund period is 60 days from the time of purchase which makes is risk free to purchase from us.

Will Nominal provide a solution that meets my unique needs?

Every micro business is different and every business owner is diffrent in the way they manage their business.

Nominal provides unique offer to purchase only the options that you require and not pay for what you don't need.

It also has the added benefit of making Nominal simple to use by eliminating non used features.

Using Microsoft Word makes it simple to add your own branding to invoices, payslips and other forms.

What is your past track record like?

We have over 10,000 downloads and many happy customers.

See our testimonials page here:

Nominal Customers Testimonials

Is Nominal appropriate for my size of business/expertise?

If you are a micro business - with 5 or less employees - than Nominal is the BEST solution for you.
Unlike other vendors Nominal does not serve other market segments, we focus on the benefits for Australian micro businesses. 


Does Nominal use standard and open technologies?

Yes, Nominal was developed using Microsoft Windows WPF technology which provides a great user interface, excellent performance and usability.

The Nominal company data file uses the Firebird open source embedded database, which means you have full controls over your datafile in case you require it.

The competitors are cheaper so why should I go with you?

It is true that there are some solution that seem cheaper than Nominal especially when you consider the short term monthly payment.

We beleive a cost of ownership is a more accurate way to compare business solutions and know that we provide excellent value.

See the comparison table at the bottom of this page: /compare-us

What if your advice or instructions are hard to follow?

We provide a host of support options on our support portal

We work to extend and improve our documentation, material and website all the time.

Get in touch with us and we'll try to help.

How do you know that you will deliver what you promise?

You have to take our word for it.

Just kidding...we urge you to download the trial version and try it for yourself.

We insist that you use our software before you purchase, it will be much better for you and much better for us.

In addition we will provide a full refund within 60 days of the day of purchase - so you have zero risk.\

What happens if Nominal doesn't do what I need?

You're protected by our 60 days no questions asked refund gurantee.

See our refund policy here for more details: 


I've always performed my record keeping, why should I change?

Manuall record keeping is still used by a small part of our website visitors according to a survey we performed.

Moving to Nominal from a manuall system or Excel has many benefits including saved time, effort and frustration as well as increased visibility into the health and performance of your business.

To learn how you can be better off by trading excel for Nominal see:

Excel vs Accounting Software

Am I getting value for money?

You bet.

Nominal provides only the features you need and you don't pay ridicouls amounts for upgrades and support.

For example you can get Nominal with the payroll option for under $200, it is impossible to find better value!

Will I get quick responses to my requests?

We will try damn hard to answer your requests and questions as soon as possible

In fact our average time to response to customer contact to date is 31:49 minutes!

However we do not gurantee that we will be able to respond to any specific query this quickly.

I've always done okay doing what I'm doing, why switch now?

That is a real good question, you probably shouldn't switch unless you have a good reason to.

Some of our customer switch because they:

  • Don't understand how to use their existing accounting software
  • Hate paying too much for yearly upgrades and support
  • Try to avoid monthly payments for online solutions
  • Concerned for they security of their data

We understand that switching from one accounting software to another is going to cost your time and money. 

So we try to make it easier by making Nominal as simple as possible to import from other accounting packages and online data sources.

Your competitors have been around longer, why go with you?

That is true, some have been around for over twenty years and there are many benefits to that.

Nominal has only been around for a few years and is using newer technologies and different perspective.

Our solution was developed from the ground up with the benefits of Australian micro businesses working in web 2.0 we provide extensive feature that allow you to automate and integrate your data sources in ways that are not available in other solutions.

What do Nominal clients think about you?

While our customer base grows so does the support we get.

Most of our customers mention ease of use, enhanced functionlity and excellent price as the reasons for selecting Nominal

See a short list of customer feedback we received: Testimonials

What kind of payment options do you offer? is payment easy?

Yes making a payment is real easy.

You can pay by:

  • Credit card through PayPal
  • Cheque by mail
  • Bank transfer
  • Your PayPal balance or connected bank account. 

As soon as payment is made you can activate your license within Nominal itself - hassle free.