Nominal Accounting Features

Time billing

Bill customer for time spent

Use the easy timesheet feature to record time worked for each customer/job and create an invoice using one click from the timesheet

Multiple rates & costs

Each line item can use a different rate for the time billed as well as a different cost (employee rate)

Easy to fill timesheet

Time sheets can be quickly filled by tabbing through the fields as well as using the copy last week button

Auto create invoices from timesheet

Once a timesheet has been saved, simply click the invoice button to generate and send an invoice

PayPal accounting

Integrate your PayPal account

Using PayPal API and Nominal integration you can import all your PayPal customers and records into Nominal and automaticlly generate invoices, purchases and expense records

Auto create invoices and payments

Invoices are created for PayPal receipt transactions

Auto create purchases and payments

Purchases are created for PayPal payment transactions

Account for PayPal fees & transfers

Nominal integration will auto create expense records for the PayPal fees charged to your account

Invoicing customers

Choosing an invoice template

Select an invoice template for printing, viewing or sending invoices

Customising a template

Select an invoice template for printing, viewing or sending invoices

Customising a template

Use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice to customise your templates to fit your brand and style

Billiing for time

Use time billing to bill for time

Printing invoices

Invoices are printed using the selected template

Emailing invoices

Invoices are emailed using Microsoft Outlook or using SMTP server

Recording credit notes

Record invoices with a negative balance as credit notes

Paying vendors

Recording receipt of items

Purchase tracked items and manage your inventory

Entering bills

Record purchases,including dates, GST, items and supplier details

Paying bills

Record payment of bills

Tracking inventory

Managing your item list

Manage a list of your services, items or products. Including prices for sale and purchase

Adding items or services to the list

Manually add items to your list or import from multiple sources

Adjusting physical count and inventory values

Adjust and record the number of items on hand

Adjusting prices and costs

Record the price for sale or purchase or products. Which also doubles as the price for hourly billing and the cost for hourly rate of employee

Managing cash & bank accounts

Spending money

Record spend money transaction, including date, GST, account, payee and details

Making deposits

Record receive money transaction, including date, GST, account, payer and details

Transferring money

Record a transfer transaction between any two bank accounts, such as PayPal and Cheque

Working with the register

Add, Delete or Edit regiter records

Reconciling accounts

Use your online banking file to quickly reconcile your bank accounts with your Nominal accounts

Paying employees

Setting up payroll

Setup a simple payroll system suitable for Australian Micro Busineses

Paying employees

Record payment to employee

Editing, printing and emailing pay slips

Use the pay slip template to edit,print and email pay slips

Recording payroll liabilities

Record you Superannuation and PAYG liabilities

Preparing financial reports

Producing reports

Produce multiple reports, snapshots and charts

Customising reports

Customise the look and feel of the reports, including header, footer, fonts and image

Scheduling and emailing reports

Schedule a report to be sent every week to a specific email address

Modifying a report

Modify report columns, themes and more.