We provide an extensive array of online support for our clients in addition to the comprehensive User Guide and Quick Start Guide, which are provided with the software. We suggest you use these methods in the order in which they appear below to ensure the quickest resolution of your issue.
We have taken the most commonly asked questions and compiled them into sections. Feel free to ask questions and/or respond to the questions of others. The forum does have a search facility so please check to see if your question has already been answered before posting.
Email support/Help-desk
We have taken the most commonly used activities and documented them in short youtube video You may want to reference this videos in order to familiarise yourself with the software.
If your enquiry is urgent please call 1300 155 534. At the prompt press 1 and then leave a clear and complete description of your issue including the operating system your are using, your name, your client number, your email address and a telephone number - including area code - where you may reached.

To find out answers to commonly asked questions please visit our FAQ page here. This include our trial, pricing, support, benefits and other information. 

For more technical questions please refer to our Articles/FAQ section above.