Work online or offline

Nominal provides a new way of doing your books. We take the best of online accounting and the best of desktop accounting software and put it all together in one place.

  • Online accounting software (and other software as a service providers) are becoming more and more popular lately and for good reasons:

  • Online accounting allows you to work from any where, that means you're not limited to one desktop computer where your software is installed and can work on your compnay files from multiple locations.

  • Online accounting makes it easier to share data within your business and with your accountant, so when you need your accountant to make some changes to your file it is easy to share this information with him and make sure that you have a single file to work from.

  • Online accounting (usually) provides bank feeds that allows you to setup a connection to your bank account and than a daily feed is generated from your bank account straight into your accounting software. The software than makes it easy to tag these transactions into the appropriate accounts.

  • Online accounting provides automatic backups to your data, when your data is stored on the online provider server they are taking multiple measures to take care of that data and periodic backups are being performed.

Using an online accounting software is usually tied with a few disadavntages as well:

  • Online accounting usually paid with ongoing service fees, which go up to hundreds of dollars per year.

  • Online accounting can be affected by performance problems, either major ones when a server site incident occurs, or small ones which makes creating an invoice slower than usual. When you're working online that every piece of information displayed on the screen has to come from the server (mostly in the US) and every information you enter has to go back to the same server.

  • Online accounting forces you to keep you company financial records with the vendor. This is something that some companies are not fond of.

Nominal accounting is a web enabled accounting software, what this means is that you work on a desktop application and keep your files on your local computer. You also have an option to share you company files securly over the web with an associate or your accountants.

When you open an online Nominal company file you can make changes and than "check in" the file for others to view and update.

This is done using secure access using username and password which in turn provides you with an access key and a secret key to access the Nominal online storage area (which is hosted on Amazon S3 data grid)

So what are you waiting for? download our free trial and get your online file going in no time!